For the LOVE of AFrica!

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February 27, 2013 by alwayzalex

In one eventful month each of us will face questions of life, we will learn when to lead and when to follow, but most of all, we will embrace this trip on our own path and experience the flow of Africa.


We are referred to as a crew but we refer to ourselves as friends; brothers who walk hand in hand to take on any challenges. Like all the Africans we will meet on our Put Foot journey, we smile together in times of happiness and we cry together in times of struggle. Ubuntu!!! We can’t change the world in a month, but we can make a difference! Like the other teams embarking on this journey with us we will work together with our sponsor to bring positive change throughout our continent.


Most of us only has an idea of what is really going on in Africa. Our information mainly comes from the media and project awareness campaigns. But what do we really know? How many of us have actually seen or experienced the pain and the struggle most of Africa’s inhabitants? Even I am part of the majority who don’t really know the truth about the Dark Continent. Its through an experience like this social rally that we get the opportunity to see for ourselves. But not only the struggle, the rugged beauty and fighting spirits of the people of Africa. Made in Afreeka is going to Africa to bring joy and smiles to everyone we meet; as they will bring to us. Best gift you can give isn’t it?


The pressure is setting in as June approaches but excitement of the journey ahead is building up like the expectation before Christmas! You just cant wait to see what you have waiting for you under the tree!Image


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Put Foot Rally 2013 kicks off!

Put Foot Rally 2013June 22nd, 2013
Buckit lets do it!

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