Day 2 Grünau – Joe’s beer house Windhoek

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June 25, 2013 by alwayzalex

Day 2:

Quote of the day : Matt Lane Im never going to wear a shirt again
Song of the day: On top of the world imagine dragons
Doppie of the day: Dawid swart for losing his penis

Before continuing with day 2’s blog I would just like to explain how daft has been dubbed with the new nickname of ‘Robocop’. For those who know dawid from before you would know that he is a meticulous human being, so naturally he orders his day to a strict timeline. When eventually getting to bed after a lekker dop with Oom Bertus we all crashed in the same room, after the goodnight’s we all shuffled into that comfy sleeping posy, and daft was literally snoring before henk had the chance to set alarm. The rest of the crew in mid conversation, “hey epic night guys” ”hey jy daar bo!” “Snooooooor ZZZzzzzz”. #RoboCop

The morning was a bit of a late start as we were all a little tired from the ‘drive’ the day before, so we packed up, had a koppie coffee and filled the car(katrien got lost coming back from the Engen in a town that literally has 2 streets #LOLzies). By now the breathtaking sunrise had ended and the nam heat was setting in and our trip from (henk het nou net gepoepie) Grunau to the Fish River Canyon was underway. 100k’s of the best gravel I’ve ever seen (and the first game siting). Later we reached the canyon’s park gate bumped into 5 other teams and headed to the view point. Breathtaking is an understatement and not even the photos will do it any justice (though we will paint a fb for you soon as we can!). After panging a couple golf balls into the abyss (where Matt got drive of the day and Robocop didn’t make the ladies/toddlers/2ndlargestcanyon). We shook hands with the putfooters and headed toward Windhoek. It was a long drive in time but just a moment for us as we had the biggest jol (call me maybe OFFICIAL VIDEO to come). We had decided to have a pic at the 1000km mark of the trip until henk over shot it by 2kms. After many a procrastination stop e arrived at joe’s beer house in Windhoek only to be welcomed in by around 15 of the crews (and Mike “the Cheetah” Sharman). Apparently you order beer in nam by the ‘metre’, yes I sadi metre, literally a metre long vessel with 13 draughts in stow. Within 3 hours we had naked amputee, an official toerhoer, a failed lunge or leave, koi pond swem, matt the creator’s first karaoke, a bathroom minesweep, a made in front boat race and all the other shinanigan’s that will only be told around a fire or in a pub. We woke up camp after we closed joe’s and Jarhead failed at setting up a tent that sets up itself.

This was really one of the coolest nights and days we have had on the Rally…

We love you all


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