Day 3 Checkpoint night :)

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June 25, 2013 by alwayzalex

Day 3
Qoute:”if my vagina wasn’t on me I’d lose that too!”
Song: Mumford and Sons – Awake my soul
Fact of the day: “tall anthills in northern Namibia are made by ants!”

After a filthy jol at joe’s , that ended with us waking the whole campsite with American pie, the crew woke up a little late, only to realize that all the other crews were in a very similar position. We spent some time waiting with Rob Levick from the timu timu cew as there vehicle had to get a full set of new tires. As we were leaving one of the crews whom we will not mention at this time managed to reverse into a tree in the campsite but luckily the only thing damaged was their pride! From there we headed into Windhoek to draw money and get some animal outfits for the checkpoint jol that night. The city is surprisingly big and so epically clean, the people are welcoming and speak verskriklik ontdentlik Afrikaans. Matt had a little fight with the bank trying to sort out his monetary situation, so we ended up only leaving around 1pm… the drive was long and straight and full of warthogs. The boytjies had a couple lekker lags along the way in our pre preparations for the animal party!!

The drive through to Toshari Lodge was incredible as the excitement levels were being fuelled by the fact that the first checkpoint was fast approaching! A wide variety of tunes , ranging from dubstep bef#k to Matt-the-creator Biggie Smalls Bangers were pumped through the Effies sound system. Some of the vuilest drum and bass was used in our second official go-pro music video!

We hadn’t even reached the main campsite yet, when we heard the jol absolutely pumping with some classic tracks from DJ Wags! A responsible crew decision was made to las the tents and suss out the vibe! A disgustingly efficient punch was made in record time and we headed off in search of a suitable area to complete our mandatory and yet oh so lovely fines session for the past days misdemeanours! Mike “the sharmanator” Sharman seems to have taken a liking to our crew and is always keen to join us for n par doppe! He joined us for our fines session and was caught out with a Jageirmeister vuil plakkie hoover! Our night got off to a great start, having eating the most amazing food prepared by the Toshari Lodge staff, and successfully completing our fines! Everyone was punished accordingly, however Dawid RoboCop Swart was sentenced to a liquid-soap-Pollsmoor-prison-shower when a nerve-wrenching amount of whiskey and Jager was combined to create a lethal combination as Daw later found out! It was now time to Jauwl, and with DJ Wags absolutely nailing it, some incredible dance moves were exhibited for all the other crews to see! A photobooth had been set up for the crews to capture fond memories of new and old friends together at the first checkpoint, however certain members in our crew decided that great photos are simply incomplete without photobombing other peoples photos with certain body parts of theirs! Other crews would have been rather shocked the next morning when the reviewing of their photos would have revealed boomslange creeping into their photos! The party seemed to shift over to the large wrap-around bar where many new friends were made! RoboCop was adamant that he would not leave the bar until every person there knew what a vinnige-fanie was! Undeterred by the most expensive alcohol prices in the world, Daw managed to convince other crews to rather blow their budgets on his vinniges! This was one of Dawids finals acts of the evening as he decided that an early night was the right thing to do so that he could be fresh for the drive the next morning! Not only did Daw decide that an early night was in order, but that he was going to make full use of the facilities and stealthily broke into a chalet, enjoyed the comforts of the Toshari Lodge!

Our very own Oscar-P-without-the-gunshots, Matt Lane had quite the adventure at checkpoint one! After doing incredibly well to remember to phone his girlfriend at 11:00pm Nam time (12:00pm SA time) for her birthday, he said his wishes and hung up the phone. Obviously very impressed with himself and excited at hearing his girlfriends voice, he began sprinting back to where the party was at! Along the way, a rock appeared out of nowhere and Matt fell into the “pit of death” rockery! After a few moments of pulling himself back towards himself, he managed to get back to his feet. A hole through his cheek and multiple cuts on his hands, he returned to continue the rest of his adventure! His adventure didn’t stop till early morning where he managed to work in 30min of sleep, in a chair at the spot where breakfast was prepared, quite awks Matt got up with a stok stywe and stumbled on back to find all of us emerging from our respective places ☺

What a great day and only checkpoint one, imagine how out of hand itll get from here onwards…Put Foot treat ☺

We love you all and miss you


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