The Crew

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Celeste Alex Botha

The driving force behind us all being here ready to be a part of the Put Foot Rally 2013!

Have you ever heard anyone laugh really honestly? You know, like so hard from the bottom of their bellies that you could hear it from 3 stories up?

If you haven’t, then you haven’t met Celeste yet. She is a fearless  force full of love for the world and everyone who knows her.

Celeste is a powerhouse of energy. She can get even the dullest of people to feel her vibe and get up and dance or go river rafting or jump out a plane for that matter!

Celeste recently came back to SA after spending 2 years in Europe. She doesn’t just say she loves travelling… she actually does it. She is strong like bull when you need a sobering word of advice.

I tell you this  much, if we ever are all dying of thirst or malaria in Africa it will be this shining beacon of positivity and ENERGY that will keep us going. A special gem of a friend and a definite keeper 🙂

Henk de Villiers

Upon first meeting Henk de Villiers, you will be mesmerized by his charismatic personality and zest for life.

Henk has recently finished his illustrious student career in Stellenbosch and Simonsberg Residence, where he is renowned for his impressive achievements on the rugby field, within the Residence and the University.  He is currently following his outright passion and working as an intern at BrandsRock Group .

The foundations of the Put Foot Rally describes Henk perfectly. He has a thirst for adventure, having an awesome time with great friends, enlightening the community and experiencing everything that life has to offer.A role model and mentor to many and the best mate anyone could ever ask for: Henk “is sterk” de Villiers.

Dawid de Villiers Swart

He has spent majority of his youth over-achieving and fighting an epic intrusive battle between his two passions, ledgers and woman.

When he’s not punching numbers, you can find this incredibly talented young man sweeping girls off their feet or having a cold one with the boys.

Daft is in the pinnacle of his youth and we’ve literally run out of accolades to put in his encyclopedia of a CV (and he’s only 20) .

This Heartthrob hopeless romantic is an integral part of our ‘Made in Afreeka ‘  crew and will no doubt embrace the spirit of Africa as he changes people’s lives up north.

Jared van Rooyen

Jar is a healthy young man with an amazing love for life.

Currently a Bsc student at Stellenbosch University he persist to be an influence in every circle he finds himself in.

Returning form his last trip up the African continent he just can’t seem to have enough and jumped straight into the chance to take on the exciting trip of the Put Foot Rally.

Bringing an abundance of joy and laughter combined with his witty sense of humor  Jarhead is the perfect crew member to take along on a long trip.

We all hope the trip through Africa can help him shed the odd kilogram and bring a smile to all the people of Africa.


Our big eyed do gooder!

Working in HR and Corporate Social Investment for Space Age technologies, Asmaa is the definition of giving back to the community.

Tiny as she might be, this girl is dynamite. She is a true South African being able to speak Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa and Xitsonga and can sell ice to an Eskimo!

Asmaa has a great love for the outdoors and believes in supporting  change towards innovation of education for children in South Africa and beyond…

We will be supporting one of her greatest passions on our  PFR trip; the SATlings project.


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Put Foot Rally 2013 kicks off!

Put Foot Rally 2013June 22nd, 2013
Buckit lets do it!

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